Please Remember in Your Prayers

Please pray for the health of, and caregivers of:​

Fr. George

Eleanor Gravette (mother of Valerie Kotarsky, 

                       Phyllis Turk, and Gloria Schaefer)

Nathan Sears (grandson of Donna Lis)

Shirley Prolizo

Mary Begany

Marian Juskiewicz

Bradly Field

Toni Frameli and his daughter,

                  Shelley Frameli

Larry Kolarik (brother of Linda Koch)

Ruth Geierman

Ginny Umpirowicz

Dolores Rivera

Elaine Klepek

Terry Flanagan

Bobby Elkins, brother of

             Lola Cook

Alma Hamilton

JoAnne Bellomo

John Murphy

Patrick Tinics

June Seman

Jerry Moran

Carol Polak

Irene Kollin

Regula Family

Sondra Jirousek

Carol Straub

Pray also for our men and women in uniform, our police, firefighters, doctors and nurses; for our first responders, and all those affected by the Corona Virus; and for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life.

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