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Prison Ministry

Members of the Prison Ministry, under the guidance of Deacon John Rivera, practice one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, "visit the imprisoned." They follow in Christ’s steps by visiting the incarcerated at several facilities, and different venues within each facility.


What Does a Volunteer Do?

As a volunteer, you may participate once a month, or more often. Each visit lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Volunteers go as a group to a correctional institute. Activities vary by facility, and follow the general pattern of setting up the worship space, participating with inmates in Mass or a prayer service, interacting with inmates, and cleaning up the worship space.


When a priest is available, volunteers attend Mass with the inmates. Otherwise, ​Deacon Rivera leads a religious service and provides an opportunity to receive the Eucharist.


After the Mass or prayer service, volunteers share our faith with prisoners, and minister to their spiritual needs. This may take the form of bible study, the R.C.I.A. program, watching a DVD together, or simply visiting. Volunteers lead, teach, and share. 


How Do I Learn More?

Men of the parish are encouraged to participate in this meaningful outreach experience. Contact Deacon John Rivera, 440‑327‑1978.
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