Men's Golf League

The St. Julie Golf league plays golf at Bob-O-Link Golf Course in Avon, Ohio from April through September on Thursday evenings with a starting time from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the St. Julie golf League is to enjoy the exercise, fellowship, and sport of golf in a close community of parishioners and local hackers. Guests are welcome to try this frustrating yet enjoyable time to meet others.



Membership rules are few and limited, made for relaxed play where at “tee off time” those arriving will assemble, at will, into foursomes and start play. One updated rule recently added is a Mulligan can be used only on the first tee, but the golfer must pay a dollar to use it. (We are big spenders.)

The golf league is always looking for new players. Members are encouraged to recruit other friends inside and outside of St. Julie Parish.

Presently there is no annual registration fee at the beginning of the year. When cookouts are developed there is a small attendance fee to cover costs.

Those wishing to join can contact Ed Kollin,

What Can a Volunteer Do?

At the end of the fall or the beginning of each spring the league seeks a volunteer to manage the golf league. Members also volunteer to assist in operating a cookout once or twice a year after a league game.

Contact Information

Ed Kollin,

Whose turn is it to clean up?
The19th Hole
The Gang is All Here
Fun at the Putt-off
Please Believe Me
Great Food and Drink
Three supervisors - One cook

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