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Garden Angels

Parishioners help to maintain the beautiful gardens on our 14 acres, including those around the church, Julie Lane, and the Parish Office and Rectory. The gardens provide restful and prayerful areas for parishioners and guests.


We currently need seven or eight volunteers to maintain the gardens around the Church/Catechetical Center, on Julie Lane, and those near the Rectory.


What Can a Volunteer Do?

There's always room for more help - there's no shortage of weeds in God's garden! Even an hour here and there would be appreciated! Or, you may also adopt one of our small garden areas for the year.


  • Plant (we'll provide the  flowers)

  • Water

  • Fertilize

  • Weed the gardens throughout the summer

  • Help with a general spring limb clean-up (This is a commitment of only a few hours)

  • Help with fall clean-up (This is a commitment of only a few hours)

  • In the spring or summer, Key Bank folks come to help with mulch.  Volunteers from the parish are also invited to help out on that day.

Contact Information

If you can offer time to help, contact Gene Morrison at 440-327-1978, or call the office. 

Beautiful Flowers by God's House
St. Francis
The Rock Garden
Mary by the Rectory
Mother Mary in the Woods
Memorial Garden
Rectory Garden
Garden by the Brook
Beautiful Flowers by Lear Rd
Lear Road Garden
Jesus on Julie Lane
Garden by Church Front
Gene Morrison
A Restful Place to Pray
Beautiful Colors all Summer
South Parking Lot
Pray for Unborn Children
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