Church Reopening Information

Weekday Masses will resume on Tuesday, May 26, IN THE CHURCH at 8:30 a.m.

Our celebration of Sunday Mass resumes  at Saturday May 30 at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 31, at 9:00 a.m..

Please read these guidelines below before coming to Mass. These guidelines/decisions have not been made lightly.  Our parish is following the guidelines of the Diocese and the Office of Worship.*  At times things change daily and keeping abreast of it all is a challenge.  PLEASE BE PATIENT and we will find our way to the new normal!

The presumption is that many individuals will remain home for Mass, so for now we are going to begin with the 5:00 Saturday Mass and ONE MASS on SUNDAY at 9:00.  Once we traverse these uncertain days, Fr. George will re-evaluate this decision. 


Remember: The obligation to attend Mass has been dispensed for the remainder of the year!


Mass will continue to be provided on the website with a link from the home page.  It will be recorded at the 5:00 Mass and be made available late on Saturday evening for Sunday morning. Additionally, daily Mass is available on the Diocesan website: click the scrolling banner at the top of their website to attend.

Face Masks must be worn upon entering the building and while in the building.  This is for the safety of everyone.  The Corona Virus has not gone away and without testing, no one knows who a carrier might be or may even be infected.


You will notice that the seating arrangement in the church is quite different. 

  • Single Seating

  • Double Seating

  • Family Seating (arranged for 3-4 persons… additional chairs may be moved to accommodate large families)

PLEASE RESPECT THE ABOVE ARRANGEMENT.  For example: if you are alone, do not sit in a double or family arrangement.  If you are with one other individual, do not sit in a family section.  If you need assistance finding a seat, please ask a hospitality minister for assistance.

The distribution of Communion will also be a new experience. 

  • The preference is to receive only in the hand.  Please keep your hand as flat open as possible to not contact the minister.  Directions will be given for the procession keeping with social distancing.

  • After receiving the host, step aside, drop your face mask, consume the Eucharist, and replace your mask prior to begin returning to your seat.

There will be no missalettes or worship aids.  You are NOT TO SING (or hum) with the music minister.  Doing so greatly increases the potential of airborne droplets.  The Mass parts will be recited instead of sung.

Bulletins will remain on-line only.  If you or someone you know would like a hard copy, contact the office and we will gladly mail one to you.

IF YOU ARE ILL…. PLEASE stay home and worship with us virtually via the recorded Mass available on Sunday morning. See our home page for a link to the current Sunday Mass.

* If you would like to see many of the documents that have been reviewed and will be used to adapt SJB... go to the Diocesan website at which tells “What the faithful should expect…”

Under Additional Information, you'll see the Provincial Worship Directors' Guidelines. Settle back and be prepared for lots of information!

Please note that this link was correct at the time of posting, but had been changed since earlier that day. If it doesn't work for you, start at the Diocese's home page, click Forward with Christ, then Worship Guidelines.

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