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Ministry to the Sick and Home-bound

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist volunteer to take Communion to  parishioners who are home-bound due to  illness or age. The ministry gives those unable to attend Mass a chance to receive Communion weekly and stay in touch with the parish community.


How do I have someone bring the Eucharist to me?

Please call the office at 440‑327‑1978 and request a home visit. We are happy to bring Communion to you!


How Can I Volunteer?

St. Julie's can always use more help! To take part in this ministry you must be a Eucharistic Minister, have a short training session in house and go along with an experienced Minister a few times until you are comfortable going on your own. 


Communion is taken to the home-bound once a week usually on Sundays. A schedule is made by Pat once every two months and sent by email to each volunteer. There are between six and ten parishioners visited each week.  The list is split between two volunteers each week.

To get more information on this important ministry, please call the office  at 440‑327‑1978,  email or talk with our clergy after Mass.  

Current Schedule:
See the Ministry Schedules​ page.
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