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Good News Ministry

2023 Update

The Good News Ministry is currently on a 'break'.  Most announcements are provided in the weekly bulletin, sent via email blasts, or when time sensitive are announced by the lector prior to the beginning of Mass.

The Good News Ministry shares the current Parish weekly news and announcements prepared by the Parish Office on our big screen before each of the weekend Masses. We also present DVDs a few times a year when requested.


What Does a Volunteer Do?

Volunteers currently serve once a month for about 20-25 minutes before Mass. We arrive early, turn on the audio system and laptop, set up and run the PowerPoint presentation, and stop presenting when the lector begins announcements. 

Parishioners who are comfortable with typical word processing, email, related applications or mobile phone apps will find this service straightforward. We provide training and well-documented guidance for our members.


More parishioners are always warmly welcomed to help! This ministry is ideal for people who are busy but want to contribute their time and talent in some way to help our parish. Since you are already coming to Mass or bringing your children to PSR, coming a bit early to serve others may be perfect.


How to Join this Ministry:

Call or email Larry Rozman, 440-327-1978,

Current Schedule:  To be Announced
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