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Craft Show Volunteers

Saturday, December 7, 2024
(Yes, we're looking ahead!)

What Can a Volunteer Do?

The talents of our volunteers are phenomenal.

Please note that masks will be required this year.

We have volunteers working on ...

  • Publicizing our show on social media

  • Sending out contracts and contract information and confirmation letters

  • Decorating the inside and outside the church

  • Making fun decorations 

  • Hanging craft show signs

  • Setting up and taking down the crafter/vendor tables

  • Organizing seating arrangement and lunch tables in the church

  • Helping the crafters and vendors bring in and take out their products

  • Buying food, making food, selling food

  • Selling tickets at the door 

  • Quickly cleaning up the church before 5 pm Mass

  • Scheduling volunteer hours

  • Join the Craft Show Planning Committee (see more info below form)

Volunteer Form:
Thanks for submitting!
Craft Show Planning Committee

There are seven main craft show staff members. We begin meeting in July and meet through November at least once a month before the craft show in December. Then we meet again in February or March to review how things went and talk about how we can improve upon our craft show the upcoming year.  We always have an appreciation dinner to celebrate our successful show.

What are Planning Meetings Like?

We discuss how many crafters and vendors we have signed up and what we can do to improve our craft show. We talk about price, documentation, how we get the information out to the community and public, what food to buy and how much, and who (if anyone) is donating the food. We talk about how to find crafters and vendors for our craft show, how many volunteers we have, and determine their duties and responsibilities. And we just visit with each other!

Contact Information

Contact: Valerie Kotarsky or Joe Kotarsky at

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