Respect Life
The Respect Life Group keeps us apprised of Pro-Life issues and needs, recruits volunteers, and tries to enable each parishioner to be actively Pro-Life. The Group exists to foster respect for all human life from conception to natural death; abortion plays a central role because it is a direct attack against the most vulnerable and defenseless members of the human family. The policy and practice of allowing over one and a half million abortions annually cannot but diminish respect for life in other areas.
John and Susan DeLaat, 440-327-2398.

Praise the Lord!  Our Prayers have been Answered.
The Family Planning Services of Lorain County chemical abortion clinic in North Ridgeville has closed.  This is a wonderful answer to the prayers of our parish over the five years the clinic was open. 

If you know someone considering abortion, God has given you the opportunity to be a lifesaver!
Rescue Kits are available in the literature rack in the church foyer.  In the Rescue Kit are various brochures and other information that can equip you to help someone you know decide in favor of life.  Pick up a Rescue Kit, look through the various materials, and prayerfully decide which information will be most helpful.  Pray like crazy, and then go tolk to the person you know considering abortion.  Through you, God can work a miracle!

If you’re pregnant and need help
Birthright is a free pregnancy guidance service that will give you immediate and personal help with your concerns. When you call Birthright at (440) 324-9566, a trained volunteer will listen to you. Those who talk with you have a sincere desire to help you deal with your problems. Birthright will also help you find the community services and resources that are available to you. Rather than duplicating the services of existing social service agencies, Birthright works with them to provide for your needs. If you want any particular counseling or agency care, Birthright can set up the lines of communication for you - in privacy, with no delay or embarrassment. If you’d like help in any way, call Birthright at (440) 324-9566

For Women who are suffering after an abortion
Bethesda, The House of Mercy is a ministry of The Community of Jesus, the Living Mercy, a lay community within the world-wide Good Shepherd family of ministries and communities. Founded in 1990 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Bethesda provides a community of healing and a sanctuary of hope for persons wounded by abortion. Through a process of reconciliation women are restored to the dignity of their calling to be bearers of Christ's life and love to the world. Men are strengthened to protect the dignity of women through a life that is dedicated to honor, purity and truth. For more information, contact The Community of Jesus, the Living Mercy, at 1-800-482-4100.

"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion."
                                                                            Fr. Frank Pavone
Priests for Life has developed the website "Looking Abortion in the Eye"
to help the American people comprehend what abortion is.  Visit and share this website with others.