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In order to guide parishioners to understand the many ways that our parish services and supports the community of faith, as well as the community at large, the ministries of our parish have been categorized into several areas.

In the Guide Book and Directory, we continue our call to be disciples for Jesus. We have listed the many ministries and activities, which St. Julie Billiart Parish supports, to address our mission. We hope this list gives you the information to discern how best to use your time, talent, and treasure as responsible parishioners and Disciples of Christ.

There is more detailed information on all our ministries in the St. Julie Billiart Parish Stewardship Plan which is listed on line. The plan shows what we can do to strengthen the diverse array of parish ministries by:
  • Reaching more people
  • Helping those who need our assistance
  • Teaching more adults, youth, and children
  • Encouraging those who are anxious or depressed
  • Helping all to grow in the image of Christ
  • We are called through baptism to be stewards of our time, talent, and treasure.