Blood Mobile

The Blood Mobile, run by VITALANT, visits St. Julie's every three months in order to help the community by increasing the supply of much
 needed blood, which affect the critically ill and injured in our midst.

Each donation will save as many as four local lives. Most of the time donated blood is transfused into a child or adult battling cancer or leukemia, but other patients include: premature babies and their mothers, burn, trauma and auto accident victims, surgery
and organ transplant patients, those with comprised immune systems, and those suffering from anemia - to name only a few.

Only 38% of those in our community are eligible to donate and less than 10% ever do.
Each time you donate to Vitalant, you're saving the lives of as many as
four critically ill or injured children or adults.

Pat Hoffman, 440-327-1978

2019 Schedule

November 24‚Äč

10:00 - 1:00 in the Holy Family Room
Please bring identification