Diocesan regulations mandate that parents attend a Baptism
                                           Class of instruction before a child can be baptized.

                                          Baptisms are regularly scheduled for the first and third Sunday
                                          of the month in the Chapel.  Parents may also chose to have their
                                          child baptized at a different weekend Mass  This must be
                                          scheduled in advance with Father George.

Call St. Julie's rectory, 440-327-1978, to arrange a date, time, and place for your Baptism. 

Classes are held at the following parishes:

St. Peter, N. Ridgeville, 327-2201            St. Mary, Avon, 440-934-4412
Holy Spirit, Avon Lake, 440-933-3777     Holy Trinity, Avon, 440-937-5363
St. Lads, Westlake, 440-835-2300

Baptism Registration Form and Baptism Sponsor Certificate
must be returned to the parish office 10 days prior to baptism.

Baptismal Gowns
This ministry celebrates the Sacrament of Baptism and new life by embroidering garments for the baptism ceremony. Volunteers for this ministry are asked to contact the parish office at 440.327.1978