Anointing of the Sick
This sacrament is available at any time in case of emergency. The communal celebration of this Sacrament is held twice a year at all the weekend Masses in the Fall and Spring. This sacrament of healing is offered to anyone who is seriously ill, preparing for surgery, aged and in need of the sacrament for mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical healing.
Please pray for the health of:
Father George, Liam Strict (grandson of Leo & Sally Mahoney), Phil Vella (brother of Dottie Heller), Aaron Kruger (nephew of Agnes Dlubac), Carol Polak, Joan Disantis, Anne Thompson, Bill Livingston, Lisa Engle (daughter of Tony Frameli), Joanne Bellomo, June Seman, John Murphy, Gloria Schaefer, Marge Lesnick, Rick Birsic, Jerry & Barb Moran, Stephen Fontecchio, Dolores Rivera, Carol Straub, Michelle Palmer (daughter of Tony Frameli), Irene Kollin, Patrick Tinics, Alice Riegelsberger, Regula family, Jude & Tom Saal's daughter, and Sondra Jirousek.

Pray for our men and women in uniform, our police and firefighters, and our doctors and nurses.