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2016-2017 Guidebook Ministries

Rev. George A. Vrabel
It’s time to be anything but ordinary!

          Monday, January 8th, concluded the Christmas Season as we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The liturgical calendar now immerses us into the period of time between Christmas and Lent… Ordinary Time. However, it is anything but ordinary – unless of course one considers the miracles of Jesus and His parables to be ‘filler’ material for in between big celebrations!           
            This segment of Ordinary Time will last until February 14th which is Ash Wednesday. The length of this first portion of the church year sandwiched between the Christmas Season and Lent is determined by the movable Feast of Easter (this year - April 1, 2018). Ordinary Time will resume when the Easter Season ends on Monday May 21, 2018, the day following Pentecost. However, we should not be misled by the word ‘ordinary’, for it is only used to refer to the time when no particular season of preparation or celebration surrounds us. It is devoted to celebrating the mystery of Christ in all its fullness.
              It is also a time when winter can fiercely grip us and venturing outdoors can be hazardous at best. Make this an opportunity to read and pray about God active in your life and in the lives around you. I promise the results will be anything but ordinary!
                                                     Fr. George

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