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2016-2017 Guidebook Ministries

Rev. George A. Vrabel
       Autumn officially begins on September 22nd. It won’t be long before the sights and smells so indicative of the change of summer into fall begin to embrace us. Summer seems to have passed so quickly. The hot weather, the solar eclipse and hurricanes Harvey and Irma gave us much to talk and pray about.

     While we know what looms in the distance (cold and snow), focus upon today. This is a season when God provides us with a palette of color that no one can rival. It is a season when special opportunities arise: hay rides, pumpkin carving, hot apple cider, and even the inevitable raking of leaves! We have a choice: dread it or embrace it… I for my part choose the latter.

     Remember, autumn is not a time of dying… it is a time of preparing to cycle through a period of rest until the newness of another spring and summer. Then we will stand again in awe when God provides us with different colors and fresh gardens of plenty. So spend these beautiful days yearning to see the wonders of Creation and the abundance of what God has to offer! I guarantee that you will be amazed at what God continues to do.

                                                     Fr. George
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