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Rev. George A. Vrabel
​​​​SUMMER 2016  

       June 20th is the First Day of Summer. After a mild winter and confusing spring, we all need time to rest and relax and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. As your gardens begin to grow and well-tended flowers delight us with their blooms, we need to remember that the miracles of God’s love always surround us.

       As a child I enjoyed these days so much. We would try to stay out as late as possible until someone’s mom started calling us in. The best part was if the mom’s got to talking and forgot why they had come outside to call us!

        Life IS good. We may all have our bumps and ruts, but try to see the good. Good is only a thought or action away. Have fun and see you in Church. Remember: There is no time off from God… even if you are traveling. It is another adventure to attend a church away from home and see/hear/feel a new perspective.

                                   Fr. George

International Peace Day
Wednesday, September 21
At Church 7:00 p.m.

Join your parish family and guests in song, reflection, and prayer for peace

Refreshments after the Service

Everyone is invited!

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